What Causes Thinning Hair and How Do You Stop It?


When you notice your hair is getting thinner and thinner, what precautions can you take to stop it and start to regrow healthy hair again?

The causes of thinning hair and hair loss are several and varied. But let me begin by saying that a hair grows from a bulb underneath the skin of your scalp. The bulb is fed by your blood flow, and it is very sensitive. When this root ball is disturbed by shock, anxiety or age it dies. This is what causes hair to turn gray as well. There are also medications which can cause hair to fall out, as well as several underlying health conditions.</p> <p>In certain kinds of baldness, it is believed that overproduction of DHT (a naturally occurring hormone) can cause hair loss. DHT kills the cells of the root ball. It is said that Saw Palmetto pills will stop the DHT production and allow pores in the scalp to open up and re-grow hair.</p> <p>For hair loss resulting from stress, medicines, health and mistreatment, a few pointers to remember are first, determine the cause. When you know what's causing it, you will be able to address the problem of fixing it directly.

If it is stress, remove yourself from any stressful situations and concentrate on calming the atmosphere around you.

If it is clogged pores, purchase some high quality oil like Nara and give yourself an initial deep cleansing scalp massage to remove dead tissue and chemical residue which might be clogging pores. After that, massage several times per week with the oil to keep pores open, increase blood flow to the scalp and rejuvenate the hair follicles to produce hair.

Begin taking hair vitamins as well as a Saw Palmetto pill daily. Wash when needed, but probably not every day. Don't use heat to dry hair

Paying attention to these tips will go a good distance toward stopping  hair loss and beginning to grow hair out

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